Benefits of Tinting With NanoQrtz

High-Quality Window Tinting

We have been in the business for more than 10 years and know every bit of it. Our window tinting service is of very high quality and has unique characteristics, facilitating flawless installation every time.

Variety of Colours and Shades

We have window tinting materials in different shades and colours to choose from. We have invested in the tools and materials that can enhance the style, look, safety, comfort and overall value of your vehicle and your property.

Professional Installation

We use the highest quality materials in the industry that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. When we do window tinting, we will get it done right. There will be no bubbles, no peeling – only a professional, long-lasting job that comes with a warranty.

Competitive Pricing

We have one of the most competitive window tinting pricing options available in the industry. No matter which shade you prefer for your vehicle, we can guarantee the lowest price and can meet your budget.

Complete Protection

​Our window tinting products reduce glare, reject heat, protect against UV rays, boost resale value, enhance comfort, increase privacy, ensure safety, protect against fading and prevent glass from shattering in case of accident.

Certified and Friendly Staff

Our window tinting technicians have the experience and training required to complete the job in a professional manner. Our staff members are also friendly enough to discuss with you regarding your window tinting needs.

Protect Your Car with Custom Automotive Solutions

Upgrade your car, home, or office with our high-quality tinting services in Southern Ontario. Our expert technicians provide custom solutions that look great. Request a quote today and give your property the upgrade it deserves!

What Our Customers Says?