Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing defects from an automotive finish. This is (usually) done with collective friction via machine polishers and pads, abrasion via aluminum oxide based compounds and/or fine grit sandpapers. Other tools and accessories may be used throughout the process (meters, lighting, etc).

Contrary to popular belief, the mechanism of action is done by removal of clearcoat. Preparation of an automotive surface is part of the paint correction process, but in itself is not “paint correction”. With modern vehicles, “paint” correction has little to do with the actual “pigmented paint”, but more so the clearcoat.

A tech is usually dealing with a “Clearcoat Correction” rather than paint correction, unless a vehicle is basecoat only (eg. lacquer, or single stage). “Scratches” or “Swirls” are microscopic cavities in an automotive finish. The process as a whole has one goal; to remove as little material as possible, to achieve a “leveled” scratch free surface.

When done correctly, the process is perfectly safe. Taking paint measurements, thoroughly inspecting the surface, and researching the vehicles history are all good precautions to ensure a safe paint correction.

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